In March 2014, the Cape Town Eco Film Festival brought over 20 fantastic documentary films exploring a wide variety of environmental issues to local audiences.

In 2015, re-branded as the South African Eco Film Festival, the event is extending its reach with screenings in Cape Town, Johannesburg, the Eastern Cape and, hopefully, Durban.

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We are looking for submissions of documentaries – short and feature-length films from South Africa and elsewhere – with environmental themes for possible inclusion in the 2015 Festival programme.

If you are interested in submitting your film, please contact Andreas Wilson-Späth (

The Festival will take place at the end of March 2015 (dates to be confirmed) and is a project of While You Were Sleeping, a registered South African Non Profit Organisation (NPO registration no: 137-167 NPO) committed to bringing documentaries with important social, environmental and political themes to South African audiences.

(Pics: Claire Gunn)


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  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to participating at the 2014 event.

    Byron A. Martin

  2. Hello Friends

    I thought you may be interested to hear of the synergies between us. We’re in the KZN Midlands and are planning our first ‘Queen of the Sun’ and ‘Seeds of Sovereignty’ Film Festival 21-23 March 2014 in Howick – see

    The purpose of the proposed event is to share with a broader audience in the uMngeni area several interesting, exciting and challenging films that show us the way to a more positive future.

    The festival will include locally made films as a way of promoting young filmmakers, guest speaker/s, and awards in recognition of individuals and organisations who are promoting sustainable living. There will also be a seed ceremony involving an exchange of heirloom/traditional seeds to symbolise the important role seeds play in our lives.

    We also thought it would be good to include a visit to a functioning home garden. We are hoping to get some funding to translate Seeds of Sovereignty into Zulu. It would be wonderful to screen this important film in English and also in Zulu.

    The intention is to keep this initial film festival small and manageable with the vision of growing it organically into an annual event.

    It would be great to keep in touch and perhaps share lessons learned following our respective events.

    Best wishes,
    Karen Zunckel

    Founder | Sustainability Consultant
    VERDANT LIFE | KZN Midlands Sustainability Forum
    Hilton | KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa
    Tel: +27 33 343 1739 | cell: +27 83 235 8628 | Fax to Email +27 86 517 5582
    e-mail: | web: | | @VerdantLifeKZN | Google+

    – See more at:

  3. Hi Karen

    Your festival sounds fantastic!

    Good luck with it and yes, we’d love to share experiences and learnings.


  4. Hi eco-noclasts! :)

    Ever thought of branching into awarding budding novelists and/or journos who inventively infuse environmental awareness into their works?

    BTW, is it permissible to mention CT Eco Film Festival in a novella?

    Below is my, er, attempt (?) at mildly eco themed socio-political commentary set in University of Free State, Bloemfontein:

    Both belong to a generation of Born Free (thinkers), but are from completely different backgrounds. She’s a control freak, and political correctness isn’t quite her strong suite. True to type, quiscence is his mantuary.

    Free download/share.


  5. Pru

    Hi – I am a health enthusiast on every level and concerned hugely about our environment so well done for taking the initiative with the wonderful work you are doing and putting it ‘out there’ for educational reasons to the caring public. Well done and good luck !!! Pru Harrington

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